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Spring Trout Fishing Techniques Recorded Online Course

Spring Trout Fishing Techniques Recorded Online Course

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Everything comes down to the seasonal hatches, fishing techniques for each stage, and reading winter/spring trout water. Fishing during the winter and spring months involves a slower, more technical approach. Learn from Megan Hess as she discusses winter/spring trout fishing techniques.

Class Covers –

  • Why Spring Fishing?
  • Spring Fishing Considerations
  • Equipment Recommendations
  • Water Types (Pre-Runoff & Runoff)
  • Trout Behavior in Cold Water and During Runoff
  • Hatch Charts
  • Entomology and Life Cycle of Mayfly
  • Spring Fishing Techniques
    • Fishing the Specific Stages of Mayflies, Midges, Stoneflies, and Streamers
  • Leader Examples for all Insect Stages and Streamers
  • Casting Tips for Fishing Techniques
  • Top Spring Trout Flies
  • Fish Handling and Conservation Tips

Instructors – Megan Hess and Heather Hodson


Cost – $25.00 – Scholarships Available

Refunds – No Refunds.  

Course – Recorded Online

You’ll Receive –

  • “Spring Trout Fishing Tips” Online Course Recording
  • “Spring Trout Fishing Tips” Classroom Handouts
  • 1.25hrs of Classroom Instruction
  • Weekly Education Emails from Fly Fish Instruct
  • Education Discounts
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